Monday, February 28, 2011

Sprouting Tray

We traveled to Philadelphia yesterday to attend a meet-up seminar on “How to grow your own food in small spaces.” It was a very interesting session. One of the topics that were discussed was sprouting seeds for eating. As the speaker talked about the subject a sprouting tray was passed around the room.

This Kitchen Seed Sprouter consisted of three different trays so that you could raise several different flavored sprouts at once. The unit resembled the older plastic canister sets from years past. I was so impressed with it that I intend to order two of them for our use. If anyone else is interested in this unique item I have found them at the following website:

To read the article which I wrote concerning this meet-up and how to grow sprouts visit the following URL:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome to My New World

I have decided to reopen this blog but it will be more of a homestead journal than a rehash of my survival website material. Here I intend to relate my various actions, experiments and adventures in small acre self sufficiency. Within the next month or so we should be moving permanently to our country retreat and than the fun should begin. Winter will be over and spring right around the corner. I can't wait.

I've toyed with this idea for a long while now but wanted to hold off until we had something permanent to base our researches on. With our country relocation I look at this blog as a journal of our sum total activities relating to the homestead. I am retired so it affords me a lot of spare time to get things accomplished in the manner which my wife and I want it to be.

It's only a few acres but my goal is to show how effective a few acres can be when ones imagination is employed. During the months to come we can look forward to canning and dehydrating various foods, baking fresh bread and pastries along with raising our own crops and livestock. On occasion we will have some friendly get together meetings with like minded folks as well as various training classes.

So we invite you to visit us regularly and get an idea of what our life is becoming.