Friday, April 8, 2011

Instant Potato Soup Mix

Today I decided to do some experiments with my favorite types of foods – Instant. I choose to create some dehydrated instant Potato soup mix. This is great for when cool afternoons or rainy days approach. It is always a good time to make a pot of homemade soup which is especially a popular meal with the men in your life whether they are your 12 years old sons or your thirty some year old husband. In many cases a dehydrated version of soups can be created in the event that fresh products are not available at the market place. This situation could result from a major national emergency such as hurricanes or floods which would prevent the supply trucks from arriving at their destination. With our instant soup recipe all you will need to do is open the jar and pour the contents into a medium pot of hot, boiling water.

The following recipe will make enough soup for 12 servings therefore you could perhaps invite a neighbor in for a mealtime treat. This affords you the opportunity to show your friends and family how simple and inviting a sufficient food storage program can be. When saving up your family food supplies always remember to store what you eat and eat what you store.


1/4 cup of granules of chicken bouillon

3 cups of instant mashed potato flakes

2 tablespoons of dry minced onions

1 teaspoon of black pepper

1 tablespoon of dry parsley flakes

1/2 tablespoon of dill weed

1/2 teaspoon of thyme

1 cup of instant milk

1 teaspoon of turmeric

1/8 cup of crushed bacon bits

Mix all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl except for the bacon bits. In your food processor or by hand grind up the bacon bits until they appear crumbled up. This will allow them to combine with the other ingredients better.

After crumbling up the bacon bits add them to the mixture and stir well until they are evenly mixed with the other products.

Package the final product in quart jars and place an oxygen absorber in each. The jars of potato soup should store nicely for at least eight to ten years.

To use this recipe take 12 cups of water and bring to a rapid boil. Add the dry mixture and lower the heat to a simmer. Allow to cook for 20 minutes until all ingredients are tender.

You can add some variety to the above recipe by adding some canned or dehydrate ham to the initial ingredients. Serve with a sprig of parsley if available or top with some fresh sliced onions, in either case serve with croutons or in our case fresh homemade Italian bread. Hope you enjoy it.


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